An Integral Understanding of Suicide


Thanks for responding - and yes the ole just ‘being with whatever arises’, is pretty much it :wink: Thanks for the reminder :wink:

I didn’t experience your post as lecturing or imposing - it felt clean and supportive.

And thanks for the pdf of Kens works - looks interesting.


Corey, I signed up for The Religion of Tomorrow course and paid for it. I attempted four times to contact Integral Life using the key search response thing and get no reply. It is very difficult to make sense of the technology.
Please can you help as this is frustrating and it is extremely difficult to contact a person at Integral Life
Kind regards
Dr. Jim Hever


Dear @famaroux I hear you. Being somwhat new to integral but also deeply interfaith for several years. I live in a large city Sydney which has an active Integral Facebook group which has physical meetings. However interfaith has a larger base and there may be a group in your area. They are very pluralist, non judgemental and welcoming.


Dear Integral friends,
Yesterday I had a brush with this topic. A daughter of a friend in her 30’s, married with 2 sons. One son is c. 7 year old and autistic, cannot speak, still in nappies etc. She is at breakdown and self medicating on alcohol and whatever pharmceuticals she can lay her hands on and shrooms. She is highly intelligent and driven but the effort of caring for her son is pushing her marriage and she’s making statements like this might be the last time you see me.

Classic depressive’s cry for help. But the friends she parties with don’t recognise this or maybe they do but too out of it to care.

Anyhow her family and those connected hope she will achieve a self witnessing awareness and seek help. Her husband is very supportive but she seems too affected by stimulants to appreciate how much he does.

I turned to this thread that I’d noticed and benedfitted from reading each members contribution.

Any prayers for Alisha would be appreciated.


Lovely to hear from you Peter and yes, a few years ago, I was a member of an Integral group in Sydney where we met face-to-face. Enjoyed it thoroughly.
However I now live in a small town in between Sydney and Brisbane called Bellingen and unless I start something, (which I’m not going to), I am fairly bereft of integral thinkers😊


Hi @famaroux I’m sure Bellingen has its benefits its such a beautiful place. Interfaith friends of mine holiday nearby at Dorrigo on a farm regularly. Quite the photographer and the photos from there are stunning.

Any how you have the community here. Stay in touch.