Anxiety, fatigue and emerging levels


Hello everyone,
its the first time posting on this forum, I apologise if I may inaccurately explain my thought but I hope this reflection may be of interests and that you can share your feedback about it.

My analysis is related to the idea that anxiety and avoidance, may be at times be caused by of emerging of a new LEVEL/structure.

When experiencing anxiety and the inability to have strenght and energy to accomplish all my “duties” and work, I addessed the issue with the following interpretation:

  • the result of shadow (either related to the people involved or the immagined self who may accomplish a certain outcome)
  • or lack of equanimity in the here and now or for past events which may be correlated
  • or lack of compassion and understanding for the perspective of the people involved in stressors.
  • or lack of integration of body
  • or hyper identification with the traditional Level of development which is more identified with duty

While these strategies have value Ive been reflecting about the idea that such conditions may also result from allergy towards emergent LEVELS.
As KW highlights we not only become “allergic” to previous LEVELS but to new ones who are currently emerging which we do not recognise just yet.

In this case my idea is that anxiety and avoidance may be linked to the emergence of a new level, that of INTUITION, which transcends but includes rationality.

Anxiety and avoidance may be cause by the fact that while the tasks at hand make sense to the traditional and rational, they do not to the “new” intuitive mind.

The two previous minds no longer needed to factor complex “intuitive/probabilistic” information which was adaptive for earlier minds, active in periods of hunting and gathering.

The “new” mind instead is able to combine a lot more information and to produce a result that seems irrational to the rational mind and “wrong” tot he traditional one. Such result may lead to either not doing something, or simply not doing it until the wisdom of this new level is listened to.

The listening intuition seems potentially a good example of integrated thinking, as it has to include all the “sensations” coming from pre-rational parts of the self, all the previously alienated levels (mithical for example) as well as rationality. An intuition that does not make sense, and which is in conflict with other parts of the self, is often impossible to put into action!

In practice, witnessing all sintomatologies of anxiety, fatigue and avoidance, while trying to understand the yet undoscovered intuition may help spur an new level of thought which integrates rationality and previous stages.

The additionally interesting thing is that when meditating in such way (trying to “merge” all the available sensations about a stressful matter to identify the “hidden” intuition) feels quite similar to the effects of EMDR (eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing) as i notice eye movement becoming activated as a result of the process of “navigating” a large amount of information.
This offers a possible link between emergin levels and a corresponding state of consciousness.

I hope the idea is not too out there, and I’m curious to hear your opinion about it. I also made a podcast about this idea which Id be happy to share if anyone wants to explore it more.