Bringing people into the Integral Fold

I have several people in my life that I am noticing are already thinking integrally or could be ready to start. They don’t seem to have much interest in Integral Theory specifically though, despite my frequent mentions of it. After letting it be for some time, I’m trying to find other subjects of their interest that have been covered by this website. For example, I sent the video about Dunkirk to one person who loves Christopher Nolan’s films. I have plans to show Corey Devos’ SoundCloud profile to my friend who creates his own music on that platform. Does anyone have failures or successes trying to share Integral Theory with others?

I look at it this way, Integral Theory is not the measure of all things and it’s not for everybody. I would add that it’s all too easy to fall in love with IT or any other theory and turning it into an object of idolatry; Susan Cook Greuter warned the IT community years ago about this and it’s unfortunate that her concerns are still not not being addressed with the attention they deserve. No doubt, IT is a brilliant theory but I believe the IT community has become a coitere.

I don’t know where you are integrally, but you might want to see this video with David Long who I believe is often more Integral than Wilber In the video, Long takes issue with Peterson and Wilber in that Wilber behaved like an apologist to Peterson. Long also reveals that Wilber himself was not living up to his own IT when talking about Peterson.
Needless to say, Long is not welcome in the IT community. It’s unfortunate because his observations
are much closer to the truth that the IT community realizes. Long may be harsh at times, but he’s not doing it maliciously. To me, there is too much talk ABOUT IT and not much on how to implement it this often mad world.


Much appreciated and noted. I will check out the David Long YT video and just keep living my life (curious about those hidden dividends).

Might check out this thread and video. Very non-preachy which is something missing in most Integral circles.

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I finally got around to watching this video and enjoyed it. Thanks for helping me out on this subject!