Existential War - the Right understands


I have faith in Americans and America. I have faith in you Ray to do the right thing.
If we look at whats been happening in Portland and Seattle and California and Chicago we see amazing compassion in face of violence and destruction.

The nation has shown enough compassion and patience for the Defund the Police movement to seemingly start reversing before our fail safe structures were completely destroyed.

Same with the electioneering. Are audits a bad thing. Of course not. Will adding enforced integrity yield better integrity. Of course it will.

Its all good Ray. Be prepared for SHTF if you think necessary. And I still have faith you and everyone else will do the right thing when the time comes.

Just as the Chaos Theory folks that claim “we cant predict the future” I would counter that we can predict the future and its a beautiful world.


I’m already doing the right thing.

Agreed. The United States voted to get rid of Trump.

Completely disagree. Bogus audits are a bad thing. Would you like to be audited by an unfair and politically motivated IRS audit? I guarantee you would not want to spend $10,000 for an Accountant to defend yourself in an audit that was completely without merit or basis and conducted by completely unqualified auditors.

I don’t think in terms of tropes or Hollywood plot lines. The US has been in decline economically and morally for the past 50 years and there is no indication that it will suddenly reverse. In fact, the opposite. The decline has ben accelerating since 2001 and will continue to accelerate. The same with the environment and individual physical, mental and emotional health of Americans. These aren’t opinions - they are facts based in measurable data.

Oh, the world itself is already beautiful. That’s not even remotely the issue. The world will outlast humanity by billions of years. Even my own personal life will be fine - because I see the writing on the wall and can plan ahead.
That has nothing at all to do with challenging stupidity when we see it.
Where does this idea come from that challenging stupidity somehow gets turned and twisted around as a bad thing? It really is just another sign of cognitive decline where people with irrational political views experience cognitive decline.
I would believe you more if your behavior and words were actually consistent - but I really don’t believe you see a beautiful world - or you wouldn’t constantly post against entire groups of people on this forum several times a day. I call complete b.s. You can’t have it two opposite ways at once. You can’t expect anyone to believe that you see a beautiful world where liberals and conservatives live together happily when you’ve spent the last 6 months and more posting several times a day against liberals. And liberals are not going to magically be converted to your side, lol.


Yes, It really does appear to be an Existential War against The True, The Good, and The Beautiful. Perhaps we have more than 10% of the population at a level now where they understand Nihilism, Postmodernism and Post-Postmodernism yield about the same results as history unfailingly shows - at least before all the history books are burned…

CNN: “suggests not only a total disregard for women’s safety and wellbeing, but social disintegration; a disturbing impulse to filter terrible events through the lens of entertainment and shock value, and the disturbing ability to dehumanize suffering by mediating it through a screen.”

A woman is raped and onlookers record it: the story beyond the outrage (linked)

Have we reached “Peak Woke”? (linked)
Simply put, what progressives are offering the populace does not much like, particularly on social issues. There’s been a record-breaking surge of violent crime, but some progressive politicians and media enablers have refused to combat disorder. Some have even embraced riots, particularly the looting, and backed defunding or even abolishing the police. This has not worked out well for the progressives.


I don’t know why you insist on seeing the world through a lens that has been specifically crafted to keep you from seeing clearly.

Again, your focus on woke and progressives and other “entertainment as news” is merely a lens your preferred media has crafted to keep you blind to actually seeing anything except through their perspective.

It’s not really possible to have a discussion with you because you seem unwilling or unable to formulate ideas outside of what is printed in specific media.


It seems like you can understand the message, slow down take some deep breaths may help you get a sense about the message in this post instead of just mentalizing it.


Seems the Understanding is spreading. I’m not sure even TDS was the same magnitude of the Lets Go Brandon movement. Great to get all the Hollywood community into the meme.

This one’s satirical on many levels.

But we are only 9 months into 4 years so Fresh Prez might deliver on the prediction that 46 ranks in the top 30% of all time Presidents.

Also shocked that Russia and er uh uh uh duh er um China also adopted the Lets Go Brandon for the G20 Globalization Bonanza.