Imagining the Tipping Point: How will Integral memes show up in popular culture?



I believe that integral is a bit too much stuck in ther head. I’ve been a part of the integral theory crowd for almost 10 years I think. And I think if we ever want to gain traction we need to come from the next stage after integral which is the unity stage. After all, the only reason any stage of development is t have it be a stepping stone for the next stage… I believe that the first group of people that are comming into this stage collectively (that in all my 32 years of searching north america) is the community surrounding the john de ruiter ‘ethos’. I was wondering if anyone has had experienced or maby take a look at his website and media provided and let me know what you think.

I have talked with Terry Patten and I know he has sat and talked with john de ruiter. And I would really love to see Ken wilber sit down and have a talk with john de ruiter. I think that would be amazingly interested. Someone with a connection to ken should mention it to him, someone like Corey DeVos. Lol. Let me know.