Imagining the Tipping Point: How will Integral memes show up in popular culture?



I believe that integral is a bit too much stuck in ther head. I’ve been a part of the integral theory crowd for almost 10 years I think. And I think if we ever want to gain traction we need to come from the next stage after integral which is the unity stage. After all, the only reason any stage of development is t have it be a stepping stone for the next stage… I believe that the first group of people that are comming into this stage collectively (that in all my 32 years of searching north america) is the community surrounding the john de ruiter ‘ethos’. I was wondering if anyone has had experienced or maby take a look at his website and media provided and let me know what you think.

I have talked with Terry Patten and I know he has sat and talked with john de ruiter. And I would really love to see Ken wilber sit down and have a talk with john de ruiter. I think that would be amazingly interested. Someone with a connection to ken should mention it to him, someone like Corey DeVos. Lol. Let me know.


@ksv @HawaiianRyan I just enjoyed your video about your upcoming novel Karen. Its an exciting project and typical of the types of media that will help humanity to its next stage. Best of luck.
Before I discovered IT last year I wrote a novel with the aim of promoting Interfaith which I am involved with and always felt that Interfaith was a stepping stone to something better just beyond. Thats a stereptypical concept isn’t it? Something better just around the bend and were never content just to stay where we are. LOL.
I digress.
Unfortunately it hasn’t been picked up by a publisher and I am loath to Vanity self publish, so I’ve posted the first two chapters, actually first two parts out of five parts on Wattpad for free download. I welcome any beta readers to take a look and happy to PM the whole book to anyone interested. Here is a synopsis and below is a link. Its free to join.


What if Jesus returned next week?
Or what if Muhammad wasn’t the last Prophet? Hindu’s expect a divine avatar every 1000 years……times up.

This story stretches across five continents. An adventure on a grand scale and themes on an even grander scale.

Anay Menelik has questionable parentage, unconventional upbringing and unheard of leadership style. But brings earthshattering change to humankind. Anay and a team of seven ordinary individuals take on incredible odds on an unimaginable journey.

How are issues like gender, environment and war solved by a media savvy internet enterpreneur whilst staying ahead of Mirtus Menelik and the Ethiopian Secret Services? What has Mirtus Menelik got to hide?

Challenge your beliefs, question your attitudes and fall in love with humanity all over again."


I knew the word meme here wasn’t the cartoon images one sees on social media, so I looked it up.


Now I need to think about it.

I think if Marianne Williamson came right out and said she was Integral, that would prick a lot of ears in America with some world attention. Perhaps she is more concerned it could backfire on her campaign if the electorate is too conservative.

I like @LaWanna suggestion of joining in marches e.g. gay pride, environment, peace, political rallies.



Oh friend, I resonate with all of your writing. I was born in 97 in China.

Same happens to me when my husband asks what I’ve been doing, and I’ve tried with my greatest and least amount of effort to elaborate what Integral Theory and Ego Development is. Interest is shown, support is given, which I deeply and sincerely appreciate, and so far that’s it. It hasn’t passed this stage and I’m okay with that. He’s doing so well where he is and he teaches me so much I don’t possess.

I have a TikTok account posting about life and death knowledge using memes, put it another way, sharing my experiences being an forensic examiner combined with memes. It gained over 1 million followers in under a month, with the nature of TikTok, meaning most of these 1 million+ boys and girls are Gen YZ. I’ve been contemplating how posting about integral theory and ego development together with memes would work out, as it has never been done before towards any Chinese audience, let alone towards Gen YZ. We shall see how that unfolds soon.

After all, I’m not so worried about our generation to be honest, not in a sense of lack of compassion nor caring, and it doesn’t mean we can just relax and arrest our own growth. Of course we shall continue our path, and continue learning how to pass this on to those who are ready, perhaps holding up mirrors for people around us, and of course to ourselves.

At last, hoping that we will always be reminded of the illusion of knowing, as we strive to gain ever greater insight into our own existence while trying to pass it on leaving our own greatness in place. Let us not forget the foolishness in trying to make everyone else like us, and even though, yes, those who have the privilege to know have the duty to act, shall we not forget that our ego takes this mission very seriously, but we can laugh lightheartedly at ourselves and be joyous knowing that not knowing is the highest form of knowing.


Conservative and centrist viewpoints dominate the corproate media, corporate-funded universities, and corporatist politics. The majority of Americans hold positions that are often to the left, often far to the left, of both major parties and everything heard on the ‘mainstream’ media.

There hasn’t been a powerful and influential left-wing in the US since they were systematically destroyed by the FBI’s COINTELPRO about a half century ago. But if you listen to much of the suppressed and silenced ‘radical’ left, you’ll see plenty of evidence of emergent integral thinking, such as intersectionalism in feminism that was first strongly advocated by the Black Panthers before they became the target of the FBI.


Good information thanks for sharing


Consider that not only the majority of Americans but the majority of Republicans support universal healthcare, higher taxes on the rich, paid maternity leave, etc. Yet these popular positions are considered too radical and extremist to even be supported by the DNC elite. Even on social issues like same sex marriage, most Americans voiced support for it years before did Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

Most of the political elite in both main parties is often to the right of the American public. The disconnection is immense, but we don’t hear about it in the corporate media. So, the American majority is kept ignorant that they are the majority. This is done quite intentionally as social control. What would happen if the majority ever gained an awareness and identity of being a majority? This is the challenge of public knowledge or rather of its lack.