Information Warfare Education, Propaganda, and How to Tell the Difference



Speaking of expanding horizons:
Look - another criminal charged.
Wait - this is the same criminal that Trump pardoned. He did ANOTHER crime?

Remember that Big beautiful wall that taxpayers paid for but was never really built? Looks like Democrats were right about that and there was quite a bit of financial shenanigans.
And @excecutive - you want to gaslight that the left is making all this up I suppose?

Fortunately as more real information gets out about the actions of Trump, the more voting Americans realize they do not want him as president again. More than 60% now believe he acted illegally or unethically in holding Top Secret information about Nuclear capabilities amongst his unsecured personal papers, accounting documents and magazines.

MAGA extremists will have quite a bit of gaslighting to do to convince these 60% of Americans it was all just a hoax.

But wait - there’s more! You know all that fundraising everyone suspected was illegal? Well, looks like the heat is increasing on that. The DOJ called Trump’s bluff and bluster and now that he’s actually calling for violence and civil war - they have nothing to lose by confronting him with all his documented crimes.



No gaslighting, I think the corruption is everywhere and neither side is clean and honest. I just shared the other-side of the story … everyone is capable of reading and making up their own mind.


Regardless of the information warfare, propagada and basic gaslighitng of the right the past 2 years in trying to nomralize the events of Jan 6, 2021 …

A federal Judge has established judicial precedent that a man cannot hold office because he clearly participated in the Jan 6 insurrection.
This federal Judge has also set the precedent by clearly stating that the events of Jan 6 were in fact an insurrection.


How can people who are so absolutely and completely fooled by Information Warfare and Propaganda again and again not see it when what they were told to believe turns out to be a big dud time and time again?

This week, we revisit “Russia Gate”. In Sep - Oct 2021> I said it was a big “Nothingburger” while the standard true believers of Right Wing Media Gaslighting swallowed the propaganda hook, line and sinker and thought they would FINALLY collapse the entire Democratic power structure.

Oooh, delusions, delusions.
What a terrible tangled web they weave when first they begin to deceive (themselves, that is lol. Nobody else was deceived except the “true believers”)

Well, this week the side show that was Durham probe is finally DEAD. Nothing happened except the Right got all excited for a while.
In other words, like so many dozens of other things we’ve seen the past few years by our resident right wing true believers - one big fat cholesterol laden nothingburger.

Still waiting …

The hope for Trump supporters was that someone was going to crack open the case and show that the investigation was cooked up by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, presumably with the help of Bill Ayers, George Soros, and the ghost of Richard J. Daley. Many times when I’ve written about malfeasance by Trump over the past three years, I have received emails from angry supporters telling me to just wait until John Durham blows it open. I’m still waiting.


Short quick list of other “just wait, you’ll see” nothingburgers over the years (that Durham was supposed to uncover)

  • Benghazi
  • Pizza Gate
  • Hillary’s emails
  • Hunter Biden’s crimes in Ukraine
  • Barack Obama wire tapping
  • Obama doing something vague but it would be revealed
  • Carter Page
  • Somehow George Soros’ involvement would also be revealed

Hope springs eternal for the True MAGA Believers as each one of these in turn has promised that everything will be revealed and big name Democrats would go to jail.

It requires some degree blind faith to be proven so wrong so many times and still be hoodwinked by the same promise the next time around.

It begs the question: Where can one find the greatest concentration of people who operate on blind faith despite overwhelming evidence? Well, religions of course. The more devoutly faithful a person is, the more likely they will hold out faith in the next great hope that all the “crimes” of Democrats will come to light and Hillary Clinton and all the rest will be locked up.