Integral Epistemology


Very well articulated @robert.bunge :slight_smile: … the IL curriculum helps to put reality into boxes, maps, quadrants, formula’s, etc. This helps people climb the epistemological scaffolding. This creates a group perception, shown as different color levels on charts, accommodating those resonating at that point of comprehension.

Each sequential level, color, box, idea and concept reveals divergence from the previous group understanding. This in turn creates challenges (fear shadows) to those is in the previous group. As this next group attains consensus among the differences it accommodates/assimilates all the lower perspectives at this new degree.

Once a person assimilates the whole of it, by connecting all the divergent pieces, they reach the next plateau of perspective, to unleash another level of chaos which leads to an even greater coherent understanding. This spiritual/holon process seems to continue on to infinity.

To get beyond the theory levels of scientific analysis, it is called climbing the spiritual ladder. Climbing to attain the true degree of mastery, which means living it … and living in harmony with every bit of it.

~ Peace :slight_smile:


More troubling reports on deaths from the Covid … the drama details are at 17:01 minute mark. This information needs to heard.