Integral Life Customer Support - Contact Details Please!


I am writing here because I could not get any answer to the several emails I have been trying to send for about one month to either or

Does anyone of you know how to contact Integral Life for administrative purposes? It is important!

Thank you in advance.


Hello, you can find our customer support here:


Thank you corey-devos, but as I said, the email address indicated there (where you indicate) does not work and does not reply to anything. I have tried multiple times for over a month. The other email address I tried - - is the one they display with Paypal, but it does not work either! Any idea what to do?


The phone number listed with Paypal also does not work - one gets a greeting that says we reached the studio of Integral Life, not Customer Support, and that we must send an email to … the same above email address that does not work!


I see the problem, the support page should not be giving an email address anymore, as we are now using a ticket-based system. If you look on /support below the email message, you will see a place to either log in or to create a guest account. Once you do either of those you can leave a support ticket. I hope this helps, and sorry for any inconvenience here!


The ticket based system seems ineffective as well. I’ve submitted two with no communication in return.

Extremely disappointed with the level of administrative support and communication with this site.


Did you have any luck with the ticket system on their support page?


Hello KairosConsult, yes, when I discovered the place to file a ticket (as Corey Devos explains above), I was able to get through and have my problem solved very quickly. I am sure they are good-willing and honest people. But their website is misleading (in a number of ways). Good luck!