Is vs Ought to Be, Hegel->Marx->Neo Marxism->Wokeism Philosophical Development


@once3800 I do find myself in this area to be dizzy trying to hold-onto the various explanations and extrapolations of the brilliant minds engaged here. I try and focus on the spiritual sensations that define life … to feel how to dance through it all … and to dance with every other character on the drama stage no matter what role they’re playing. :slight_smile:

Perhaps a definition for @FermentedAgave’s worries about “Critical Theory” comes defined in your shared Jester link quoted below?

“Academic pretense can be found everywhere. You recognize it by all the neologisms, fancy multi-syllabic words presented with an aura of authority. Most of us tend to think something is deep and must be true if we don’t really understand it. We don’t want to appear ignorant and admit we are unable to get it whatever the “it” is.”


Covers a Conservative view of free speech, Left agenda and modus operandi, Power (left) vs Influence (right), NY Phil dropping blind tryouts, Left take over of education system, Sports, Left using stats on when proves point and many others.

From an integral perspective seems I think we would say Carolla/Prager see Left as highly disfunctional Green thats highly distructive to Western Civilization. And also recommending what would seem to be an Orange/Green reset and cleanup.

Might be worth a view given combined reach of Peterson, Carolla, and Prager.