Is vs Ought to Be, Hegel->Marx->Neo Marxism->Wokeism Philosophical Development


Now there’s a telling phrase.


huh? telling of what? have you taken something out of context?


What is ‘real freedom’ and ‘real power’ in your view?

So you want everyone to be the way you want them to be? This seems like a control issue. What lies and falsehoods do you believe need to be called out?

I think I’ve been open with my view. In what way do you think I’ve been disingenuous? I dont think I’ve been insulting, except for in my last post which I think was fair enough.


I’m done. seeya.


That’s no problem :slight_smile:


What has happened is that many men have identified problems.
Rather than find solutions to those problems within themselves, they take on the characteristics of what they are against and form a kind of culture of male victimization. In many cases this cult of male victimization completely saturates their life, especially if their livelihood is dependent on men wallowing in victimhood.


Thou doth project too much.


Ironically funny considering the original is “Thou protest too much”, and thee do indeed protesteth overly much in thy projection.


Just been watching a tv programme whilst reading these posts. A character replying to some heartfelt nonsense simply said “I don’t doubt your commitment “
I think I’ve just found my next favourite phrase to use when I’ve run out of energy.


at least ray is consistent in projecting how he’s interpreting the world. You’re not even getting the contexts right!


Ran across this Catholic Bishop Robert Barron - well worth a listen. . He’s at least a mid-weight.
Interesting discussion on Marx, Nietzche, Sartre, Foucault and why their proponents often see Christianity as an “existential threat to the new world order”.

Summary starts at 44:30 if you want the cliff notes version.