NAIL Freedom and Flow


Thank you to all you who were able to attend our NAIL Freedom & Flow practice session and for your inspiring and invigorating participation and presence. Here are some touchstones…and extending the invitation to everyone else…

Between the stimulus and a response,

Is a space,


In that space

Is our POWER and our FREEDOM
~Viktor Frankl


Find my 'practice run" of the 3 Gifts NAIL Freedom & Flow session on youtube as I prepared for my session. You can journal along with me.

Again, a reminder… this was an IMPROV-session, I recorded and am sharing. The 3-Gifts practice is at minute 21.

In a LIVE SESSION there is more practice, interaction, sharing, Q&A, etc.


Thank you partner practitioners for your joyful commitment to our practice session. May you feel centered and energised as you meet your day. Here are the 3 questions we used for our transformative journaling and embodied awareness practices. I have included the slide on our integral intention around WAKING UP.

abbrev. DP = Daily Practice

“Judge a man by his questions rather than by his answers.”

– Voltaire


Today, we focused on radical acceptance— the “A” of N.A.I.L.

Thank you my compassionate and curious practice partners. This session is always a welcome opportunity for me to ‘return home’ to my inner Sage and I hope you had a positive experience too.

You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn how to surf
~Jon Kabat-Zinn

When you notice yourself feeling unsettled, surf your senses and sensations to return home… This mind fitness practice will help you return to your senses and create a wise response. Here’s a nice infographic to contemplate which of these ‘reps’/ embodied awareness you will bring to an upcoming challenging situation.


Greetings NAIL Partner practitioners, our session with month will be on 27/7 (27 July, Tuesday). The calendar will be updated shortly so there will be a link available to join.

I look forward to practicing with you, before our August break!



Thank you partner practitioners for bringing your STRENGTHS to the table today.

And remember, when you find yourself blaming/judging yourself, others, circumstances, let it go with this PALETTE CLEANSER

Whatever this is or isn’t,

Should or shouldn’t be…

Whatever that is or isn’t,

Should or shouldn’t be…

I am…


Inquiry to break free from cravings

It is always an inspiration to experience the meeting of science and wisdom traditions. Neuroscientist and addiction psychiatrist, Jud Brewer, offers this powerful practice of inquiry to wake up from the trance we are in when we are eating yet another piece of chocolate, for example.

The inquiry to nail freedom and flow?
Notice (step out of automatic pilot) and then shift gears by asking a simple question:

What do I get from this?

I call it the “disenchanting question”, as the spell is broken and we can more clearly witness, without judgment a habit that does not serve our best interests.

Set the intention to notice when one is eating something full of sugar or saturated fat, reaching for an electronic device (social media), reaching for that cigarette, etc and then ask the question: “What am I getting from this?”.

I’d love to hear your experiences with this. Good luck.


Yeah, that’s a great technique.
I think I do something similar with beer. I used to drink pretty regularly. What I get out of drinking 6 American Beers (2 liters or approx 4 European beers) is disassociation / disconnection with lethargy the next day.
Disassociation isn’t necessarily bad, but it’s a bit different than “fun”, for example, or “relaxing”. It’s clearly just putting off unpleasant feelings for another time. So if I consciously want to do that, I can, but what I find is wandering through the store with that understanding it’s much less likely the beer will be in my cart when I leave the store. Lets say by a margin of 100:1
It will be interesting for me to do the same thing now today with a food dish. I’m kind of having a craving for a large takeout meal. What it will give me is a feeling of fullness but also lethargy. Where does my desire or need for fullness come from? A feeling of lacking, perhaps going back to childhood and teenage poverty and the unavailability of food at the end of the month followed by a feeling of fullness when food was again plentiful at the first of the month - or also a need for community shared fullness and relaxation / lethargy during North American hedonistic feasting rituals.
The desire underneath the desire for fullness from food is a desire for security and belonging / community.
It’ll be interesting to ponder this as lunch time approaches and I haven’t eaten breakfast.


Thank you Ray for generously sharing your reflections and insight and hats off for the courage to jump right in and put it into practice!

You shifted from first gear (noticing what you are doing), to second gear (accepting, okay, this is going on and…) popping in the liberating inquiry. And then third gear is receiving the insights that mean yes, implementing on these insights.

Truly an integral practice!

Any of these wise efforts are worthy of celebration. Stay strong and remember to celebrate your awakening.


Thank you to my Practice Partners for your curiosity, interest and courageous presence. Today we practiced an integration of NAIL Freedom & Flow and a HOPES Up in 3 process, also called 'Creating Change in 3 Steps".

May your choices reflect your hopes and not your fears.

  1. Here is the slide to help you focus on your Highest Hopes for yourself

  2. Here is a slide to support your reflection of the 3 steps

I feel honored to have had the opportunity to facilitate the session and practice with you.

Thank you