NAIL Freedom and Flow


Thank you to all you who were able to attend our NAIL Freedom & Flow practice session and for your inspiring and invigorating participation and presence. Here are some touchstones…and extending the invitation to everyone else…

Between the stimulus and a response,

Is a space,


In that space

Is our POWER and our FREEDOM
~Viktor Frankl


Find my 'practice run" of the 3 Gifts NAIL Freedom & Flow session on youtube as I prepared for my session. You can journal along with me.

Again, a reminder… this was an IMPROV-session, I recorded and am sharing. The 3-Gifts practice is at minute 21.

In a LIVE SESSION there is more practice, interaction, sharing, Q&A, etc.


Thank you partner practitioners for your joyful commitment to our practice session. May you feel centered and energised as you meet your day. Here are the 3 questions we used for our transformative journaling and embodied awareness practices. I have included the slide on our integral intention around WAKING UP.

abbrev. DP = Daily Practice

“Judge a man by his questions rather than by his answers.”

– Voltaire


Today, we focused on radical acceptance— the “A” of N.A.I.L.

Thank you my compassionate and curious practice partners. This session is always a welcome opportunity for me to ‘return home’ to my inner Sage and I hope you had a positive experience too.

You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn how to surf
~Jon Kabat-Zinn

When you notice yourself feeling unsettled, surf your senses and sensations to return home… This mind fitness practice will help you return to your senses and create a wise response. Here’s a nice infographic to contemplate which of these ‘reps’/ embodied awareness you will bring to an upcoming challenging situation.


Greetings NAIL Partner practitioners, our session with month will be on 27/7 (27 July, Tuesday). The calendar will be updated shortly so there will be a link available to join.

I look forward to practicing with you, before our August break!



Thank you partner practitioners for bringing your STRENGTHS to the table today.

And remember, when you find yourself blaming/judging yourself, others, circumstances, let it go with this PALETTE CLEANSER

Whatever this is or isn’t,

Should or shouldn’t be…

Whatever that is or isn’t,

Should or shouldn’t be…

I am…