Questions for Ken Wilber


Background: I have recently been talking with Casper on this forum about my most deepest thoughts (communication from my highest self). It stirred up some questions about integral thinking. These are sincere questions (for yourself and Ken).


  1. fact checking and communal validation are important, as are curation and filtering (via values/perspective)
  2. “technostalgia” (Michel Bauwens) is a term that highlights the desire to stay with old tech rather than move into new technologies (ontology, epsitemology, axilogy etc - int semiotics)
  3. communal witnessing and validation can impact tone (e.g. tone of voice)
  4. Tone of voice is the new technology for deciding on truth (the unconscious carier wave for content - like your finger print - it is hard to fake it… it can carry the key signifier with regards to the ref Truth – has what this person is saying been communally verified and witnessed" aka - is this good Mana?)

Question for Ken…
How does the future look for Integral in terms of communal verification (see above premises) in terms of a) a ‘post ken’ world (vision-logic) and b) Vatican II revolution(s) that might involve the masses also holding the “ken within” - the integral within and finally c) like religions - do we need to self identify as Integrals and preach (apologetics) - and/or is it more about our “tone” (communally verified spiritual truth/truthfulness"…


/Tim (:pray:)



Dear Ken

My name is Matthew David Bowron, 35 from Perth, Western Australia. I’m currently unemployed, living off disability benefits for several mental illnesses (ADD, Asperger’s/Autism, OCD, GAD, PTSD, Schizophrenia, Depression, Anxiety) due to being severely physically and emotionally bullied from primary to high school. However since a young age I’ve wanted to become an author, and from my bullying experiences I began to wonder why is there bullying and this grew to why does conflict exist between ideologies and different worldviews, which I later found out were the present day “Culture Wars”.

Basically I have an idea for a book that I’ve always wanted to write, combining fiction and non-fiction, linking the story of an ordinary human life to the life of the universe. What I feel today is that people are trying to figure out where they fit in this world, and one idea I thought of was of creating a choose-your-own-adventure, where the reader could not only choose which historical period in the past, present and potential future of the universe, but also choose what age worldview they’d like to view the world through, and choose also whether that view supports (hero) or doesn’t support (anti-hero) that current era’s dominant worldview.

What I think is that Big History (which I believe is the Integral or Metamodern version of history), matches with the Four Quadrants model, or AQAL model. That the different time periods, ranging from trillions to tens of billions to hundreds of millions to millions, to tens of thousands and hundreds of years not only in the past but in the future, as well as today, match up to different worldviews, like sensorimotor, through to non-dual. What I imagine is that Integral is going to become a major worldview which I believe will lead to a cyberpunk/star trek (depending on perspective) future, followed by nature mysticism/psychic where terraforming not only of Earth but also Mars and Venus and other planets, subtle where we have post-biological existence like that in History Channel’s Year Million) where we control matter (or positive energy according to Stephen Hawking), causal where we have a post-physical existence where we control dark matter and dark energy and space (which I all sum together as Stephen Hawking’s negative energy), and nondual where we transcend the duality of the universe and move into the multiverse, before leaving the new incarnation of the universe (as I prefer the Turok-Steindhart cyclical model) to the new inhabitants following the next Big Bang (according to M-theory and superstring theory brane models).

I was thinking of writing this myself, and presenting you with a draft, and with hope permission to publish this novel. It can either be written first by me as a draft, and then added with new or other people’s advice if I haven’t got the predictions or perspectives correct, and even give ownership of the book to you Ken personally, if you wish, or Integral Life community, or whichever you see fit. But I didn’t want to go forth with this book without your blessing or permission, so if you could reply to this I’d very much appreciate it. And if anyone in the community wants to give their opinions or comments to this, I’m all eager to listen.

Thanks for reading this, and I look forward to your reply.

Yours sincerely

Matthew David Bowron.