What does Integral activism mean to you?



There have always been conservative activists. Remember the civil rights activists back in the day were largely Republican (many foundational black values are conservative (albeit with a socially progressive agenda). However, liberal pugilists being the capitalists they are have attempted to monopolize the term.


For anyone interested in integral activism (or whatever word or phrase you want to substitute for ‘activism’):

A free 1-hour online webinar with Terry Patten: “A Call for Yin Leadership.” On Wednesday, January 9, 12 noon PT, 3 pm ET. Register at: https://www.terrypatten.com/activating-yin-leadership. (Even if you can’t make the Wednesday webinar, he usually provides a recording for anyone who registers to listen to/watch afterwards; perhaps he’ll do so with this one as well.)

Terry is the author of “A New Republic of the Heart: An Ethos for Revolutionaries.” He introduced the idea of the “yin hero” in his book, and this webinar expands upon that. Yin heroism/leadership expresses a ‘feminine, artistic, cooperative style’ in contrast to the ‘yang masculine dominating capacities of the warrior hero.’

When you register, you can also read about his upcoming virtual community/course on yin leadership, which offers practical wisdom on the nature of this leadership, and provides a path and practices toward personal empowerment.


@LaWanna @Asa9 Worldwide group Integral meditation. I’m in. Name the time. Can I suggest a guided meditation via a Soundcloud track or similar so we are all in unison.