100 Reasons Not to Have an Affair

Originally published at: https://integrallife.com/100-reasons-not-to-have-an-affair/

Dr. Keith and Corey discuss why extramarital affairs happen, what the consequences of infidelity are to your relationship, your family, and your own mental well-being, and why you should probably never, ever have one.

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I have searched the internet for definitions of LL and UL referred into 100 reasons not to have an affair. Please forward a clear understanding of these definitions. I am a therapist and found the article to be very interesting and helpful. Thanks
Jeri Schroeder jschroe2@maine.rr.com

Hi Jeri, “UL” and “LL” represent the Upper-Left and Lower-Left dimensions in Ken Wilber’s four quadrant model. I hope that helps!