2023: Stage 3 of the Integral Movement Begins

Opening a space for discussion for this signal of important changes underway.


Well this is awesome. Thanks Robb. The off shoots are way ahead of you. I don’t see how you can gain relevant social action without reconciliation of views that miss the injustice that’s been happening. Like the Covid bio weapon, the WEF alignment, censorship, Ukraine, Climate miss direction, big bang fallacy, indoctrination education system, global inverted totalitarianism. List goes on and on. These are all unable to be reconciled with so far. And you will look shallower as time goes on, and unable to gain any grip with the chaos. Irrelevant . But you could do a big reconciliation and gain a strong social movement. Start by aligning with those off shoots. Their story is very different than IL so far. Good luck.

Although I’ve been familiar with Integral thinking for 20 or 30 years, thinking is something I do rather too much of on my own. I joined here very recently through seeking more than thought alone. Specifically seeking an organization or community committed to praxis. (In the tradition of Paulo Freire, bell hooks, and Thich Nhat Hahn among others). Balancing those writers on my shelf are the likes of Niall Ferguson, Samuel Huntington, and Stanley McChrystal. So integration … it’s personal.

It appears Robb’s third decade vision is my cue to show up and reach out. So far, it’s feeling like a good move!