2nd tier meaning structures

I’m watching part 5 of he Ken show about gun violence and Ken is talking about meaning structures, how we lost them somewhere at the orange altitude and how we may (or may not) get them back at 2nd tier. (https://integrallife.com/wicked-problems-gun-violence/?the-video=5 ,around 35:00)
He has mentioned the idea before, of a second tier meaning structure that honors developmental stages and then allows each stage to have their appropriate meaning structure, and I wonder about this each time:
It seems to me that at the lower stages (at least amber and below) the very fact that their meaning structure is the ONLY and HIGHEST one is part of what gives them their powerful meaning and cohesion.
How could you possibly believe that you are one of the chosen ones of the one and only true God, and at the same time be aware and accept that, well, if you just develop a bit more then that will not be true anymore and your belief will shift away from this, and this will actually be MORE true than your current belief. That doesn’t seem like it could work.

Anyone have any ideas how that is really meant to work?

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