3 2 1 shadow process

I have been in mental illness for 17 years. it’s a matter of shadow in some way? unresolved traumas there are, so i must focus on shadow work?

Hello Raimon,

Are you looking for a confirmation of what is shadow work? In this case, let me offer what I believe may be of help:

Yes, looking into the shadow (or the “subconscious”) is “shadow work”. And yes what’s in the shadow is what we are not aware of. And that’s a lot of stuff (probably infinite) … but we can make much discovery progress in one lifetime.

Unresolved trauma is in the shadow. We can indeed go there (in the shadow) and put some light on whatever we’d like. When the light is put on that thing, it’s no longer in the shadow.

Releasing the trauma related to that ‘thing’ though takes an extra step based on our 1) willing to release it and then 2) doing something for that to happen.

I believe the whole process (finding the trauma and releasing it fully) is part of what K. Wilber calls “cleaning up” (one of what he considers are the 3 pillars of ego development).

Hope that helps.



Thanks for posting spidergirl it makes it clear.
Infinite? Thats infinite shadowwork also. My shadow its problematic a lot cause make me feel very bad all the time. And sometimes i feel that is. Shadowing my true nature. But aparently it cant. I will always be with that shadow that is a lot of negative thoughts compressed cause it will not resolve completely maybe that is whats called a mentall illness. Thanks a lot for answering i will continue practicing integral life practice cause at the end i believe that it can make me feel a lot better. If i work on the 4 quadrants i must improve.

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Sorry i mean spiderlady. Jeje

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Raimon, I did work on my shadow and I am much better than I was. I had a lot of trauma but quite a lot is gone now. Good luck to you!

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thanks for encouraging me.

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