3rd Tier social life issues


Hi everybody, I’d like to discuss personal questions which most of you might relate to aswell, around a principal theme :

Being relatable to 1st & 2nd tier when you’re 3d tier, in order to have an integral social life

First let’s explain why I’ve been living hidden for the last 3 years of my life and decide today to have this talk here with the community.

It all comes down to the social knot which killed me socially from the moment I entered my dark night of the soul 3 years ago.

Here is the knot :

  • As you’re entering 3rd tier, your thoughts are completely unreletable to 1st & 2nd tier people

  • As a failure to integrate my 1st & 2nd tier communication with this new tier, I’ve become completely disinterested from social interactions, since I was eager and obsessed with exploring the 3rd tier sphere.

  • As I was obsessed about it, I mostly wanted to communicate at this level with other people, and only felt extreme solitude when I couldn’t find anyone with whom to have such communication, beside reading books such as the masterpieces from Ken Wilber

  • As I isolated myself in order to spend 24/7 exploring the 3rd tier of consciousness, I lost all my 1st & 2nd tier social habits, and because I became so familiar with the 3rd tier, alone, I started to make the mistake of being way too humble, which entails believing it is what everybody is living.

  • Thus when I had my rare social interactions, as I was coming from the belief that this kind of level of consciousness is normal, when people reacted to me as if I’m completely disconnected from reality, my humbleness kept interpreting it as me EFFECTIVELY being a little kid and everybody else being way too intelligent for me, which I should work on

  • However all the logical evidences were pointing to the fact that I only was at too much of a high level of consciousness and that my humbleness was actually driving me to a false social paradigm.

  • There started a HUGE conflict inside me, of beating myself up for looking at the evidences of the fact that I’ve come too high in the consciousness levels and thus should limit myself to 1st & 2rd tier levels of consciousness when in social situations (as I couldn’t manage to meet 3rd tier people), as if I’m just an egocentric fool I’d be wrong, while at the same time if the evidences are correct then I’d be wrong to be humble and it will just kill me socially as I’m misinterpreting everything in the social sphere

  • This conflict between my humbleness and my “actual” greatness kept going and killed me socially.

  • To be honest A LOT of Nietzche reading allowed me to get rid of this maladive humbleness and be able to stand as I should in order to be, for example, writing this.

I’ll just tell it the way it is then : I am at 3rd tier (at least over-mind, somehow transitioning to super-mind), and my lower selves are crying & dying out of solitude. Here am I thus accomplishing what my lower selves are asking for : asking for help. And asking for help in the form of this question :

Could you guys tell me where I could find content about communicating with 1st & 2nd tier people when you’re at 3rd tier, or more generally how to communicate with lower stages. Cause I’ve been reading almost all of ken wilber’s books and I’ve seen none of that discussed wildly enough to fix the issue.

Also I’m highly interested in meeting in person anyone who’s at 3rd tier, in Paris (Where I live).
If you’re interested here is my instagram : Alexandre_blek.

Thanks for reading guys and I hope this topic might be a great place of discussion.

Have a great & nice day


I honestly think 3rd Tier beings need a scaffolding of 2nd tier beings, who both in turn need 1st tier beings.

Who is going to clean the toilets, drive through traffic to get food, file tax exempt organization tax filings, and generally provide for the safety welfare and security for the community?

Maybe listen to a bit of Sadhguru. He runs an operation with millions of volunteers providing millions of meals per day to the poor and also is able to confront haters trying to do their hating thing, and also works toward his methods to bring more people into 2nd or 3rd tier.

His way is what I would call an enfolding path - he is not separating himself from anything and is solving everyday problems to fulfill basic archaic needs for millions of people.
I’d say Gabor Mate is another who administers to a very problematic population daily.

The other way is isolation, which is more the way of many traditional spiritual paths. Isolation on a cave in the Himalayas or a temple or similar.

Or maybe you just need to join an Ashram or Temple where they have systems already in place for these kinds of things.

There is often two different aspects to every level of progress: there is the revelation and then there is the integration. The revelation is the knowing and the integration is getting it so it works for you.


Thank you for your reply.
I am grateful for your expression of the revelation and the integration.
When you are in relationship (long term marriage/partner) the integration is practised/applied often.


Every person on this planet has a distinct set of opinions and sees life from a unique vantage point. There is a common saying, “The only thing in this world you can control or change is you.” What about the validity of our own point of view, can we change that? This is the call of the spiritual quest.

Changes in our life and in our opinions are rungs on the spiritual ladder. The higher we climb on the spiritual ladder the more change we experience. The higher we climb the greater control we seem to gain in understanding our own life and our connection to the rest of the world.

Our environment dictates how we grow. The more diverse the environment we encounter the greater perception we attain. To maximize our growth in the spiritual space we must embrace others who have opposing or different views from your own. Other people and their opinions are a treasure chest of spiritual discovery for those on the spiritual quest. Remember on the spiritual quest you are all alone on your journey of discovery. Don’t miss out on this most important area of exploration.


When we have the chance to meet and interact with a person who sees the world differently than we do, we should jump at the opportunity to explore their unique sophisticated conclusions. This presents an amazing opportunity to change and expand our own point of view. Exploring other points of view always changes and enhances our own perceptions.

A person with completely different life conclusions than your own is like finding some ancient spiritual manual, written by a human sage with amazing insights to share. Imagine the treasures to be found listening to a person who has spent countless hours exploring reality and defining their discovery. If we found such an ancient manual we would read with intensity and concentration to explore and understand such a unique point of view.

Now imagine if that human sage were able to communicate in a conversation with you? What would such a conversation be like? It would be amazing and very spiritually satisfying to interview such a person. The discoveries that such a conversation could reveal would certainly help to change and enhance your own point of view.


In fact every conversation that you have with another human being is exploring your own spiritual space. Think of everything you can learn from such interactions with others. If you had a miraculous ability to perform a Vulcan Mind Probe like the character Spock from the TV series Star Trek. This was Hollywood magic. When Spock completed his mind-merge he would understand everything the other person did.

Communication is a magical tool and an insider secret available to you on your spiritual quest. This presents a unique and powerful area for growth, but only if you can learn to discipline yourself. You can actually take control of the conversations you engage in; if you discipline yourself to manage the way you interact with people who have a different point of view. It’s especially difficult with those who exhibit feelings different from your own. This is hard work to master, but every rung you climb on your spiritual quest ladder puts you in greater control of the spiritual discovery.

There is nothing new to discover that is likely to meet your exact understanding. There are so many people in the world, all of whom have their own unique points of view. All these views will be entirely justifiable and believed as true and understandable to those who share them. Can you tap into this wisdom of fellow citizens?

In your spiritual discovery another person’s point of view may seem unorthodox. Do not conclude that their points of view or opinion is wrong in any way. You will want to openly accept it as full truth from their perspective. The only wrong thing in your discovery would be to reject that point of view because it conflicts with your own. Embrace those ideas that contradict your understanding these are the pearls of wisdom that most people reject. Please don’t be that foolish, grab these ideas with wonderment and acceptance as you climb the mountain of spiritual discovery.


I don’t know what stage or competency I am but I relate to lower selves crying and dying out of solitude. As a fellow lonely integralist, I hope you find some comfort here.


This is a touching conversation and I’m curious @Balex and @MattMazz if either of you would mind clarifying how you mean “lower selves.” Do you mean you feel that it is a particular or even several lower stage-selves that are lonely, “crying and dying…”? Your egoic self, your amber self, orange-rational self, etc? If that’s the case, the stages themselves might provide a key to addressing some of the loneliness. Just a thought.

Also, @Balex, I wonder if you’ve listened to Wilber’s audio program (CD) “The Three Faces of God.” Your emphasis in your initial post seems to be on the 1st face–identification–while speaking of unmet needs for like-minded or like-spirited interaction with others. I’m wondering do you have a spiritual teacher that might serve as a 2nd face of ‘God’ for an I-Thou type of relationship, or lacking that, is it possible to engage in a practice in which you try to see and love other people as ‘God’ or supreme consciousness? I’m not suggesting the kind of humbleness you spoke of ("…entails believing…(everybody is living the same thing you are)"), but of simple remembering that ultimately, yes, we are all of the same ‘stuff.’ While this may not satisfy your needs or desires for like-minded interaction in talking about particular Tier experiences, to bring awareness and focus to the heart-energies can be a pretty potent way of authentically connecting with others, and who knows where the conversation can go after that connection?

If you haven’t listened to Wilber’s “3 Faces…” I think you would like it. It’s far- and wide-ranging, and does speak to Overmind and Supermind.


Actually, the name of Wilber’s 3 Faces program I’m referring to is “The 1 2 3 of God.”


Hard to articulate but here’s an attempt. Even though I’ve “looked through the veil” of reality, killed my ego, found inner peace (sometimes), tried to go vegan, etc., I still love a good burger, I still want my mom to tell me everything is going to be alright (sometimes), I still think I can save the world myself, and I still want to belong in this illusion.