A Course in Miracles and an Introduction to Integral Spirituality

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The author of A Return to Love and Everyday Grace shares her experience with a modern expression of timeless spiritual truths — A Course in Miracles — as an Integral Spirituality weaves the pattern that connects.

Two thumbs up (I’d give more if I had more! ;)) for every word Marianne Williamson speaks here! She never fails to instantly breathe the life back into me…clearing out the distorted views, fears, and general overwhelm that tend to begin “clinging” to us just by living in this modern world, when we/if we don’t feed ourselves with Truth on a regular basis. <3

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I have not yet listened to this podcast but I see her comments on love at the debates have become a meme. One person commenting that she is going to replace nukes with healing crystals (which is pretty funny actually). I see Bette Middler said she saw the big picture and was able to identify much of the sickness that is in todays world and in politics. I tend to not watch these debates and I am in danger of mis-characterizing what is dispersed through memes and tweets to summarize.

The question of whether the American people are ready for Marianne Williamson as US President seems like an obvious “no” to me. Of course people will mischaracterize her message…for all kinds of reasons… I feel certain she’s expecting such comments from a certain percentage of the population, but I’m so glad she’s running anyway.

Yes, those types of comments can be hilarious…and I’m sure even she sees the humor in them…but the humor can only be found within the mischaracterization of her message…not within what she’s actually communicating. In fact, I often think that’s where the most creative humor comes from…namely two completely different interpretations of one idea and/or statement…and how it’s can be very frustrating, if not impossible to bridge that gap between perspectives (we’ve all been there)…but “we” (the audience/onlookers) can view it from both angles and ROTFL seeing clearly what the problem is and know that there’s not a damn thing we can do about it but laugh. :))

One of my “dear relatives” has a certain former Governor (3 guesses!) dubbed as “Governor Moonbeam” for similar reasons…Also kind of hilarious while at the same time, I adore and highly respect the guy and think he was a fine governor.


I agree with lekawa about the mischaracterization of the message. One good example: she’s being called “bizarre” and “from another planet” because of her comment that one of the first things she would do as president would be to call the leader of New Zealand (and say that the U.S. was going to become the best/safest place for children to grow up).

While I do think she could have done a better job of providing context for that statement, there was some context for it from a previous speaker on stage, who said gun violence would be the first thing he would address as president.

I probably shouldn’t be, but I have been surprised at the number of journalists who seem to have no memory of the mass shooting in Christchurch, New Zealand on March 15 this year. 50 people were killed at a mosque and at an Islamic Center, and 50 more injured. The Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, acted quickly, saying she intended to make New Zealand the safest place on the planet for a child to grow up. By the end of the first week of April, laws had been passed banning military-style automatic weapons, requiring licensing for certain other types of firearms, and offering a program for people to turn in their guns. Many did, even before the offer was made.

So this is what Marianne was referencing, and as I say, I do think more context was needed for the statement because the average person’s attention span is pretty slight. And Marianne is responsible for providing adequate context for people to understand her speech. And yet, one would hope that journalists would at least do a little research (e.g. visit her website to see her interest in children and gun law reforms, google “New Zealand” for the latest news from there, or any other thing that would quickly turn up some info to better understand her statement) or questioning or consider the context (i.e. previous speakers in the debate referencing gun violence right before Marianne spoke) before ridiculing her (or anyone in a similar situation).

Was there actually a journalist ridiculing her? I have to admit I didn’t see that.

Regardless, Marianne is a “big girl”, not to mention one strong and smart cookie. No one runs for the office expecting everyone to be nice. Again, I’m certain she is well aware of the ample fodder for easy joke making inherent in her unconventional message, but she’s got somthin’ to say, and she has the courage to say it! …and that is beautifully powerful in itself.

I haven’t read up on Marianne Williamson’s politics, but intuitively speaking I think she is already president in the minds of integrated, full hearted, and openly caring denizens of this planet. Her wealth is in her attitude towards upliftment, not politics, which is where I part company with Integral thinking as a political source of energy. She’s currently the best choice for the few, but not for the many who are still choosing to fight, argue, trade barbs, and wound the masses with their stylized posturing and greedy nationalism. There is just something so basically at odds with lumping electoral politics with its inherently divisive standards of engagement (debate, partisanship, meaningless tropes about race, gender inequality, profiling, shaming, and traditionalism) in the same ring with this woman’s serene message. This upcoming election is intentionally focused on shame, blame, and outright anger, not spirit. Let these proud contenders rage it out with each other because the coming dismantling of the old paradigm requires it and save the likes of Marianne for a better time and place.

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Great share! Welcome @RumiTunes

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…I second that!..