A More Unifying Psychotherapy

Originally published at: https://integrallife.com/a-more-unifying-psychotherapy/

Andre Marquis, PhD, is associate professor of counseling and human development at the Warner Graduate School, University of Rochester, and author of several books and scholarly articles in the field of Integral Psychology. Today Andre talks to Ken Wilber about his most recent book, Integral Psychotherapy: A Unifying Approach, which explores how a more comprehensive understanding of the self can greatly enhance, enrich, and energize the therapeutic experience for both patient and practitioner.

Great stuff here. I love how Andre engages Ken in Part 2 around the 15 minute mark and asks what it was like for him when he found out about the quadrants. Also, the synchronicity on Merriweather Lewis was awesome, as well.
Good to know these books exist out there.