A Prayer to start the day

"You, who are the substratum of all things and who interpenetrate everything,
who live in them and through them, encourage me with your joy and fullness.

Your will be through my actions:
And may my thoughts be a faithful reflection of Your Ideas.
And may my words contain the lucidity and truthfulness of Your Presence.
And may my feelings shelter the serenity and understanding of Your Love.
And may my works seek the hope of Your Power.

Give me vision to find the tranquility that allows me be in this world without losing myself.
And vision to find the strength that allows me to be in You without leaving this world.

Be the food that comforts my body and provides calm to my spirit.
Encourage me to take care of myself as well as of my fellow men.
And while freeing me, make me feel responsible.
Give me peace to find the Middle Path,
the route that levitates in the current of fluidity.
So be it."


An offering of prayer should not go unnoticed. Thank you Quiron64a for sharing your unassuming nature and these good words.