A question about two of Ken's works

I have been working with Ken’s online course, Full Spectrum Mindfulness for a while. He has also authored a book titled Integral Meditation. How, if at all, are these different? Would it be worth my while to acquire IM as well?

I have not done any online courses. I’m much more of a book and audiobook guy. I got Integral Meditation both hardcopy and audiobook. It is challenging work in my opinion.

But as a stand alone guide to practice and pushing yourself it works. I surely like it.

How have you enjoyed the online course?

I like the course. but can’t claim to have practiced the exercises diligently. Challenging is an understatement. The course is intended to be a meditative approach to shadow work, using the spectrum model to help a person discover what residues of unhealthy magenta, red, amber, etc, still remain in the psyche and cause problems even if the person’s center of gravity is green or higher.

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