A reality check in transpersonal psychology as a field of work, practice, research, and study

When getting a Bachelor of Psychology, does it matter what university you go to?

I would like to study Transpersonal psychology, but since it seems to be mostly a masters/phd field, will my bachelors choice make a difference?

What are some of the foundational things I should learn if I want to practice as a life coach, councillor, researcher using transpersonal perspectives? And What could I expect, working in the field of psychology, using transpersonal perspectives?

I have a few perspective which i’d like to check:

Many universities are orange/green and are implementing their biases in their programs?

University projects are often just exercises to prepare you for individual research, but research done is not really taken seriously, because most research is taken from others. Somewhere there is likely a paper that is already done, that is the same as yours?

The efforts of becoming a researcher and clinical practitioner in the field of psychology require a lot of ass kissing and placating other researchers, in order to get published?

Psychology is a statistics based study which in some ways mistakes the use of numbers and statistics for the land of causal determination, and is sometimes too confident in the reduction of events to a variety of variables?

Having a challenge of development, and going through therapy, and studying self control, awareness, the mind, body, spirit connection, gives one the ability to work in the field which taught them the things they used to get out of said challenge?