An Introduction to Integral Life Practice

Integral Life Practice — the conscious exercise of body, mind, and spirit in self, culture, and nature — uses the AQAL Integral map to orient the many growth techniques invented by humans throughout the ages. Practitioners achieve vertical and horizontal health through a cross-training synergy where growth in one area beneficially impacts other areas. An Integral Life Practice module refers to any accessible component of the human being capable of development. Four essential modules in an Integral Life Practice include the kinesthetic, psychodynamic, cognitive, and meditative. When creating their Integral Life Practice, beginners often go through the simple process of scanning their current practices, identifying gaps using the AQAL map, evaluating their commitment, choosing new practices, and practicing together diligently. Finally, we recognize the paradox that ever-present Awareness is the absolute context for all the relative development fostered by an Integral Life Practice.