Any trick to surpass the sufering voice?

Hello. Long time not posting here. I will try to explain myself as clear i can cause im not an english speaker.
My question is. Im really overcome by that vicious voice that ken says in his integral mindfulness course that his only objective of that voice is to make you feel like sheet. In my case it has a particular tone and is overattacking me with its lies and fears and critics. Sometimes and for a long time i tried to make this voice go away but as i learned here is a matter of integration and making it and object that we must do. Is anyone in the knowledge of any trick to surpass that voice that is constantly speaking to me? Thanks.

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Hi Ramon, welcome back. From my current understanding I would say to just listen to it without judgement, let it talk. Here’s a video that might help.

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Gently and without pushing or straining bring the attention to the background silence that the voice appears within , it’s there all the time even when the voice is ranting. Let awareness rest there.for me it feels like one hand holding another,like a circuit has been created. Attention will due to habit return to the internal voice just keep pulling it back to the silence and space where experience occurs without worrying or wishing the voice to stop , most of the suffering that arises from the voice is the from not accepting it , accept it and bring awareness to awareness. You will become grateful to unwanted activities of mind for helping you discover the space and silence that’s always there.