Anyone been introduced to transpersonal experiences?

I was friends with Jim Marion before he passed last year. He wrote a book called putting on the mind of Christ, a beautiful book outlining the evolution of consciousness from the Christian perspective. Ken wilber wrote the forward. He was an amazing person.

He speaks of the first transpersonal stage of development as being the psychic level of consciousness. The identification with the inner witness. Beyond spacetime, the first time a person becomes a meditator, more inwardly focused than outwardly. The beautiful arise of spirituality within an individual.

He talks about what next comes is the transition between the psychic and subtle levels of consciousness. He calls it the dark night of the senses after saint John of the Cross’s first definitely back in the 14th century.

Has anyone experienced this here? Has anyone experienced transpersonal stages of development? What has it been like?

I have had my own experience that seems to fit these descriptions. The words you use may differ then the words I use but I welcome any inquiries.

Peace :slight_smile: