Artificial Intelligence effect on Economy

I’m recently doing a lot of carrier orientation presentation. Good to see, how children react on different topics. They are honest and able to ask the question which adults never asks. I decided to raise my questions on this forum, to use collective intelligence.
In the past few years, the AI age already started. We see how it change daily our lives. The evolution opened Pandora’s box and unleashed the technology which will replace the structure of our economy. Whenever I meet with children, I ask the question: who don’t like to learn? For those I tell, they will be the first ones whose jobs will be replaced by AI. Just imagine the truck drivers, who will be replaced by self-driving cars. We can talk about lawyers, whose role will also replace the AI.
If we look at this problem on the Integral level, this change shifts the power from governments to private companies. We can see, now Google, Amazon, Facebook are as giant as smaller governments GDP. One thing is slightly different if we compare them with the Chinese tech companies like Alibaba, Tencent, Huwaei. The Chinese government has a huge share in these companies, so if these companies have the shifting income, the government will still have power, while in western ones, the power will shift from governments to private companies. I don’t know which is better, but time will decide. Why is this transformation happening? Just imagine what happens, when AI replace humans. As they are unemployed, they will not generate tax. These transformations raise new questions, how the counties will change, what happens if a country doesn’t have any source which valuable for other ones which backed by AI?
One thing will be natural resources, like drinking water, minerals, the other will be manufacturing, and technology evolution.
I think some country will go back to the level of the middle ages. If this happens, they will need the knowledge of farming, and animal keeping again. In one case this could help on the environment, but how the society will handle if they lose the technology?
On the technology side, who do manufacturing, and have resources, the question of how they will live without a world level market? Will they prepare for zero growth economy?
This questions I think interesting, and I think the most challenging work for countries which on the degradation side, is to prepare mineral resources for zero growth, and enhance technology, to be able to live on a better level.
I think most of the politicians never thinking about these problems. They think they have enough financial resources. The bad news is without current income more significant inflation able to melt their wealth. (imagine what happened in Venezuela)
Altogether, I think AI is a good thing because, with these shifts in power and wealth, it will decrease the environmental pressure.
I would be interested in how you see these fields?
One fact from the previous months: AI will reach singularity in 30 years. Thirty years is the timeframe until it can replace all work which can be done by humans.