Authoring Your Life Story: The Hero's Journey and You

with Dr. Keith Witt and Corey deVos

“This episode may have a big impact on my life, thank you both.” —Edward

“Wow, I have loved all the conversations between Dr. Witt and Corey but this one is the best, amazing!! Thanks!” —YouTube comment

What is the meaning of your life?

How can you author a more conscious and fulfilling life story?

What are some simple practices you can use to mindfully engage in your own personal hero’s journey?

Human beings are remarkable creatures. We are, by our very nature, a species of storytellers, capable of authoring and editing our own ongoing life story in order to find greater connection, greater meaning, and greater goodness in the universe. What’s more, we have the ability to re-write the very source code our personal operating systems are running on — both for better and, sometimes, for worse.

Our own mental health and happiness depends on our capacity to create a coherent life story for ourselves, one that continues to pushes us toward future stages of differentiation and integration of the self, while also re-editing and reintegrating the wounded narratives of our past.

Taking a close and careful look at the various narratives we have created for ourselves, we notice that we are really engaged in a full spectrum of journeys-within-journeys, stories-within-stories, epicycles-within-epicycles. Joseph Campbell famously noticed the common deep features that tend to run through all our accumulated stories, known as the Hero’s Journey. We are perpetually involved in any number of heroic journeys in our own lives — a unique journey for every stage of development, for our lives as a whole, for our culture and society, for the planet, and even for the universe itself.

Watch as Dr. Keith and Corey take a deep dive into the human superpower of self-authorship, and how we can use that superpower to construct a more resilient, more forgiving, and more integrated sense of “self”.

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