Awaken the Leader Within (Practices)

Week of November 17, 2020

Key Concept: Leadership is Influence, nothing more, nothing less…John Maxwell

The Practice

  1. Examine the techniques that you use to influence people and situations. Do you have particular favorites? For example, Power, Position, Relationships, Trust, Knowledge, Expertise, Character, Charisma, Leverage, Ability.

  2. Identify an area or a relationship where you would like to have more influence.

  3. Identify which influence technique(s) you are using in this situation.

  4. What might be the limitations of this technique with this particular audience or system?

  5. How might you design an experiment to test a different influence technique? As you design your experiment, remember to allocate sufficient time and energy to make a valid attempt.

Have fun!

BONUS: Notice the people in your life who are trying to lead/influence you. Which techniques are they using and to what effect?