Beauty, All Around


This image absolutely floored me. Here’s something I posted on FB today.

Make you feel so insignificant, and so significantly important, at the same time.

We are impossibly tiny in comparison. At this absurdly cosmic scale, we are basically nothing at all. The totality of human history barely registers, an infinitesimally tiny speck of a moment.

And yet, evolution produced something incredible, something capable of witnessing this grandeur in the first place — never seen before in this corner of the universe — and immediately transmuting these photons into greater meaning, greater insight, greater beauty, truth, and goodness. After billions of years traveling through the void, waiting to be observed for the first time, finally they arrive within your conscious experience.

The universe is a miracle, and you are inseparable from it.


Same here, and eloquently stated. I felt a mixture of awe, gratitude, and homesickness all at once, and yet it was an unspeakable feeling as it was so tiny–because I was feeling so tiny in the face of that vastness, even as I recognized the largesse of human accomplishment.