Best resources on spiral dynamics

I’m new to Integral Theory in the last few months, but I’ve been diving deep, and I’m absolutely riveted!

After listening to two of Ken’s 2-hour talks on the idea and hopping around to different videos, I got interested in learning more.

Here’s what I’ve looked into:

Don Beck’s audio book and his print version Spiral Dynamics. While he’s clearly an expert, I find his presentation extremely confusing. Since I’ve been sharing about Spiral Dynamics with my high school students, I can’t recommend his materials because they’re so poorly structured.

I also stumbled onto Leo Gura’s videos, but many of them didn’t sit right with me. His tone can sound quite judgmental of certain stages of consciousness.

I heard about Eben Pagan’s course on this subject, but I know nothing about it and can’t seem to find much information.

The channel Practical Integral gives a decent overview of the stages, but they are so dry and boring that my students are definitely going to nod off.

I’d love to hear other suggestions that would take a beginner who’s at an orange/green stage through these concepts so that they can really start to integrate them into their daily lives and into their passion projects.


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