Biden's First Month, Trump's Second Impeachment, and Cancelling Cancel Culture


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How is the Biden Presidency going so far? Will Donald Trump be convicted in the Senate for his impeachment trial? Now that the political left has regained tentative control of our government, what do we do about “cancel culture” and other illiberal tendencies coming from the left? Watch this latest episode of Integral Justice Warrior as Mark and Corey shine a light upon these three questions.


Just finished the part about cancel culture, which is very interesting. One thing that occurred to me is not only about this episode. As a European I find it a bit sad that when you give an historical overview, the examples seem always to come from European culture. Even though American culture is obviously influenced by for example native American cultures and African cultures, and there will also be interesting examples to be found there. Is there a topic or podcast where this is discussed?

When I was listening to Corey explaining the origin of our concept of privacy, I was actually in my private toilet doing my private business. :sweat_smile: I hesitated to use my ability for free speech to share this, but it just was too funny. I am presuming I am not the only one who is multitasking in this way.