Big Awesome List of Integral Voices


I thought folks might like to share resources/ people/ organisations they consider to be integral. Perhaps with links and more info if something useful can be collated and organised over time. For now just going to throw a bunch of names out as personally I’m starving for some awesome integral voices. Be nice to hit all the quadrants:

Don’t think anybody needs introducing to Ken Wilber but feels right to name him regardless.

Alot of these have been featured on Integral Life, but having a big can only be useful. Some could well be debatable as integral but I think that debate would also be useful:

Warren Farrel (gender activist)
Diane Hamilton (Zen/ gender)
Elizabeth Debold (Gender/ Culture)
Jeff Salzman (Politics/ Culture)

Saul Williams (musician)
Stuart Davis (comedian/ musician)
Alex Grey (artist/ psycheledics)

Keith Whitt (therapy/ relationship)
Robert Augustus Masters (therapy/ relationship)
John Dupoy (iAwake founder - meditative states, also Integral Recovery)
Leslie Hershberger (Enneagram/ Christianity)

Rupert Sheldrake (subtle energy/ science)

Shawn Phillips (fitness)

Cynthia Bourgeault (Contemplative Christian)
Father Thomas Keating (Contemplative Christian)
Richard Rohr (Contemplative Christian)
Doshin Michael Nelson Roshi (Integral Zen/ Mondo Zen)
Genpo Roshi (Zen)
Sally Kempton (Tantra/ Hinduism/ Subtle Energy)
Jun Po Dennis Kelly (Integral Zen/ Mondo Zen)

Tripp Lannier (Life Coach - The New Man Podcast)

Barbara Marx Hubbard (evolutionary/ spiritual)

Don Beck (spiral dynamics)

Enlightennext/ Andrew Cohen
(The above definitely a problematic inclusion given all the abuse surrounding Cohen but arguably elements of his output were integral or other formers members of the organisation. Personally I see promise in some of the other members of the organisation. Not sure how active they still are - Jeff Carreira, Carter Phipps etc).

Various -


Thanks for the list. I’ll just add here Terry Patten’s New Republic of the Heart Website, which has a whole cornucopia of integral resources:


Thanks Ryan, I wasn’t aware of Patten’s website, it’s a gold mine.


I would add John Kesler (especially Integral Polarity Practice) at, Terri O’Fallon’s Stages International at, and my own TransformationTeaching/Koan of Illness at We have videos and pdfs including a recent book review of No Boundary.


Paul Chek (Holistic Health & Fitness)

Miriam Martineau (Integral Parenting)

Kevin Kelly (Futurist)

Eben Pagan (Marketing Guru)


I’ll add in Paul Smith, who specifically focuses on Integral Christianity.

I’m actually working with him forming WeSpace groups for integral christians.

More info at


I would add,
Saniel Bonder and Linda Grove-Bonder (former Integral Institute Charter members and holder of the Waking Down in Mutuality lineage).
Deborah Boyer, Sandra Glickman, and many others of Trillium Awakening (see
Deborah and Terry Patten were married for many years, Terry was a former Waking Down in Mutuality teacher as was Deborah and many of the Trillium Awakening teachers.
Deborah and Sandra wrote a piece for the Cohering the Integral We-space ( which overviews several integral oriented groups, you can read the Amazon preview to get a jist of those folks, some area already mentioned).
Andrew Harvey
Caroline Myss
Steve McIntosh (Presence of the Infinite and many other books)
Tom Thresher (See book - Reverent Irreverence)
Joran Oppelt (Integral Church Handbook -
Sri Aurobindo
See links on en.wikipedia. org/wiki/Category: Integral_thought en.wikipedia. org/wiki/Integral_theory_(Ken_Wilber)
Robert Masters (and Diane Bardwell Masters, his wife)

How about artists, filmmakers, politicians?


Craig Hamilton (–meditation practices and courses; courses in “awakening the evolutionary impulse”

Sean Esbjorn-Hargens–check out his recent interview at on “taking aliens seriously.” For anyone interested in subtle-state phenomena/practices, multidimensionality, etc.

And of course, Integral Life’s own Corey deVos


Great stuff. Is really enough out there to collate a list that’s useful for folks to look at.


Who knows about M.A. Carrano? Author of “Asleep in the Helix: Survival & the Science of Self Realization.”
For real? Expert on Coral? Insights about pathology of Coral valid?

It’s hard to tell if he’s a blustering, brilliant poser or a deeply insightful resource. Haven’t read the book, but pulled in and interested.