Book club for Wilber's SES and the difference between the biosphere and the zoosphere

Some of us have recently been having a weekly book club on Ken Wilber’s Sex, Ecology, Spirituality. In our latest SESsion, I gave a presentation that compared Wilber’s tripartite conception of big history (which includes the physiosphere, biosphere, and noosphere) with Gregg Henriques’ Tree of Knowledge and the related Periodic Table of Behavior, in which 4 planes of existence are recognized. I argue that we should recognize the difference between the biosphere and the zoosphere. Wilber conflates these (on this he borrowed from the earlier work of Teilard de Chardin). Here’s the video:

Also here is the matrix document that starts with Gregg’s PTB and adds some content from other sources, including what I learned listening to the “Conscious Evolution” podcast series.

(feel free to add comments to the doc)

What do you guys think of this?

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In our last SESion, we discussed chapter 5 of Sex, Ecology, Spirituality. Everyone had thought-provoking comments to share. Starting at 42:40, I presented on the relation between the Integral quadrants and Gregg Henriques’ TOK System.