Calling all integrals in the UK

I was really impressed and encouraged by the zoom based conference that took place in May. I saw quite a few participants were from the UK. Since then some of us have been meeting up.

Following the May conference we have a phenomenal body of video. We may have roles in society where we can provide something so others can get to understand more about integral thought and action.

Given the research I have done, and am continuing with, it is really clear to me that theres a lot of teal, or the next stage of human consciousness, going on in Britain. So this is a call for anyone in the UK wishing to further pursue any aspect of integral thought and practice and is looking to interact with others, currently through zoom. Id suggest the purpose is not just to keep the flame alive but to grow it together so that we have a core of people each pursuing their own integral passion and collectively nourishing our own growth into a movement the country is crying out for! If not now, then when?

If you are interested in making contact, it is