Can social media algorithms be based on spiral dynamics?

I think, current social media merely exploit our weaknesses in pursuit for catching attention.
I wish there were different algorithms, based on people’s actual needs. In order to grow up we need to go through certain experiences, wich are different from stage to stage - from cooperative to enterprenueral to ecological and systematic for example.
What if an algorithm could detect our worldview and values, and bring to us the exact projects, communities, products and social activities, that we need?
I wonder what kind of obstacles will there be for implementing such algorithm? Maybe ethical ones, as the idea seems close to social raiting? Maybe economic ones - and then maybe data economy could handle these?
Maybe scientific ones, as it’s hard to model the process of inner growth with enough accuracy and detail?

I would be glad to hear your opinion on the future of SNS. Could you please share if you’ve heard of such initiatives and researches?

Conceptually, this is pretty close to what large language models (LLMs) do anyway. First, they just sample a lot of text that is labelled to represent different worldviews. (Someone would have to label the training content - that is known as the “ground truth” of the content). Then the LLM establishes mathematical correlations of word frequencies and typical word combinations. Then it pattern matches other content to see if it fits.

Not sure how ethical it is, but I’m pretty sure Facebook is doing this already. I would not go so far as to say “exact”, but I rejoined FB awhile ago to hang out in one specific group. From there I got to other groups that are similar. Most of my personal feed is just advertising garbage and I ignore it, however.