Can the three Tiers of stage development be equated with the three basic states?


I am wondering if the three Tiers of stage development can be seen as the three basic states, of consciousness, gross, subtle, causal.
The first Tier stages are characterised by the indentification with their perspective, i.e. there is little self-reflection, there is limited integration of the self, it is unable to yet to see itself. The “Integral” stages are the stages of the “authentic self” where conditioning is let go of and the freedom to choose how I am emerges. Is this the “subtle” state? The stages after “Integral” are those concerned with letting the ego go, it makes sense to me that these are the “casual”, “turiya” and “turiyatita” states.
I understand that states can be visited from any stage, this question concerns how we can permanently embody of “higher” states of being and the developmental sequence involved.


I think its a very plausible Idea. In general I think its interesting to be able to reconstruct the entire model with either types or stages. (I wrote in a reply to another post a way to re-build the model with the male/femal types which nevertheless not incongruent with your point)

I do believe that the entire evolution of consciousness is the interplay between these three states.

I also believe that economics shape a lot the relationship mother have with their children which in turn affect their potential connection to the three states.