Challenge Our Own Truth Conclusions

A pivotal point of consciousness. Expanding beyond the intellect or science by daring to to challenge our own truth conclusions. Here Brett Weinstein and Phil Harper press on science. making them a pariah or a hero to the future. A worthy consideration.

Me too … I shared this one because of their academic credentials; that seems to impress this community. I am more esoteric and spiritual around these things myself. Glad to have you exploring with me! ~ Peace :slight_smile:

I will note that the dawn of “Age of Enlightenment” also marked the beginning of the Colonial Age. Its the same time period but which terms we use to descibe it focuses the mind on some aspects rather than others. For 98% of the world’s population it was an age of genocide, slavery, never ending wars, starvation, plagues orphans, filthy cities, crime and so forth.

I think similarly we are now entering a “both” Age. The good thing now is at the start of it we can orient our proginy toward one direction or the other. Are we going to lock our descendants in to an urban technofeudalistic hellscape? Or are we going to pass on knowledge how to work and live outside of that?

All through the middle ages and into the colonial age ther was one group that was neither serf nor lord. That group was the artisans. They had secret knowledge (for example freemasons) that they passed down from master craftsman to apprentice in such a way it could not be replicated. The challenge now is to figure out who will be the “free men” of the next 1000 years. It wont be people who live in cities or suburbs and rely on technology for income. COVID should have made obvious how easy it is to lock down large populations and even starve them in their own homes such as in china. AI is going to make a new class of serfs who have to pay Software as a Service at whatever prices the Techno Lords demand. Going forward, any source of income from the Internet will increasingly be Serf income that will not be available to you unless you pay most of that income to Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook, Alphabet or similar Techno Lords of the Cloud.

On science - the foundation principle of science is to challenge the truth of conclusions. When this changes from “is” to “should be”, we are no longer talking about science or scientists, but sime kind of pseudo- science cult.

The strongest statement a real scientist ever makes is appropriately called a “theory”. Einstein’s Theory of Relativity was never “proven”, just accepted until other evidence started to show holes in the theory.

However, this doesnt mean I calculate the square footage of a rectangular room with anything other than LxW, or test the theory of terminal velocity of falling objects with my body.

I think its important to challenge assumptions and also at the same time make a risk analysis to disregarding the best evidence we have at the time.

I am from the spiritual artisan schools of life, always initially rejecting what’s presented to me as the best path forward. As we move ever closer to a full on digital currency I am in agreement with what you have stated here.

Most young people don’t ever use cash. It is not even accepted at many places of commerce these days. Add to that the submissive, new world ideal of compliance to authority … (trust the science, trust the math, trust the trusted) … the future you suggest becomes ever more clearly into focus.

Those who dare to continue with a freedom philosophy. Those who dare to challenge the system. The maverick renegades like you Mr.@raybennett and @Sidra; we are a dying breed. Our new world fear of AI wisdom, managed by totalitarian authority are on full display now.

The future holds what our children want. They want what they’re being told to want. They don’t dare to think for themselves. Their future woes seem inevitable to those of us with our eyes and minds wide-open.

Thankfully it’s been a really great life for us and our generation anyway! ~ Peace :slight_smile:

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I think it’s important to recognize what has been vs what is now vs what may be.
I see Millennials as different from Gen Z, of course. I might say that Gen Z is the depth of our folly as parents (collectively in the USA at least). We tossed them into the Internet unsupervised without providing real options away from it. The next upcoming Gen Alpha - we still have some time to course correct and I see signs of this in some communities. “Maximum screen time” is a word I hear a lot from mothers, at least the ones who are informed. I see certain industries realizing they will have a shortage of qualified workers and they are starting to heavily recruit. I recently saw a Heavy Equipment Operator Union recruitment effort in High Schools and next week the same industry is opening their equipment up to Elementary school children to sit in and children over a certain age will actually be allowed to operate some of it. When I was young these kinds of opportunities were only passed on through friends and family. They are still quite good jobs to have and AI will never really be able to replace such operators. Sure, sci-fi has dreamed about it for the past 100 years but AI so far seems to be too expensive to develop. In my industry you still have to pay someone at twice or four ties the pay rate to solve problems created by the AI that replaced the 2-4 workers at normal rate of pay. Yes there are fewer jobs but the jobs that remain are better paid and more difficult to impossible to replace.
Another anecdotal experience I had recently was a flight school organization offering a free fly day to children as young as 8 years old. Who is going to fly all the airplanes to connect our global civilization? The average age of a pilot today is 40, meaning half are over that and many over 50 and ready to retire.

Certain leaders of certain industries see the age of their workforce and are starting to panic and change course. Of course others wont and we will have shortages in the future in key industries. Which of course leads to more opportunities for those who are able to work in those industries.
This is where I see the cycle coming up again from the depths with younger generations. Trash absolutely has to be driven away. Clogged sewer pipes have to be cleared. Water mains have to be replaced - either proactively or after they burst at higher expense. Waiting for AI to figure out all these jobs at a competitive price would be folly.

Is the metaphorical glass “almost empty”, or is there still enough to get by?

I think the future looks very dark for much of the population but there are ways out for those who know how or who are taught how to prosper in another way than the status quo.

The glass is always full … that’s my spiritual side conclusion. ~ Peace :slight_smile: