Chappelle Sticks and Stones

“if you’re not receiving any flak you’re not over the target”

Even if you don’t have Netflix or not a fan of Dave Chappelle chances are you have been hearing about this comedy special recently. I think I head a few “green” heads were spinning while watching it. While any talent can be called a line, the more I watch great comedians, the more I am convinced there are geniuses in this field. Make sure to stay for the epilogue afterwards for some perspective. Jesters still have a vital role in our court-hopefully, we can still laugh at ourselves.

Not watching Chappelle, but I do agree comedians shine a light on things in a unique and pointed way that captures an essence of something in few words. Firesign Theater’s “The Department of Redundancy Department” line still makes me laugh and has become a trope, and maybe is responsible for manufacturers no longer putting this label on their peanut butter jars: “Warning. This product contains peanuts.” So yes, jesters have a role…

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