Climate Change: From Alarmism to Anti-Fragility

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In this fascinating episode of Integral Justice Warrior, Diane and Corey are joined by Gail Hochachka and Rob McNamara to explore anti-fragile approaches to climate change. We are also joined by fellow integral enthusiast Deb Collins, who offers her own perspectives around the tragic wild fires that swept across the Australian continent.

I love conversations when one of those rare “stopping the world” moments occurs, when someone says something pointed that is contextually relevant to the discussion, but that instantly expands the conversation, making it more inclusive of ‘other’ or ‘others.’ Deb did this for me in this conversation, when she questioned ‘how to talk about the environment being anti-fragile.’ Everyone then began to “speak Earth,” from burnt flora to wombats, and this grounded the conversation less in concept and theory (which I love), and more in an embodiment of felt-loss, for the planet and inclusive of all its inhabitants, which is, imo, an aspect of climate change effects we shouldn’t drift too far from in our talks (without becoming too morbid or alarmist, of course). So thank you Deb, and thanks to all of you. It was a great conversation and I appreciated being introduced to Taleb’s anti-fragility theories, which I do think KW sums up quite well with “hurts more, bothers you less.”