Climate Change Solutions: Adapt or Transform?

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We are joined by special guests Gail Hochachka and Rob McNamara to explore some of the critical strategies to climate change — some of which emphasize a total top-down transformation of our political and economic systems, and others that emphasize a more incremental and adaptive approach.

A term that intrigued me when I was reading Holmgren’s book, Permaculture: Principles and Pathways Beyond Sustainability, is ecosynthesis. It captures the dynamic and changing aspects of ecosystems. With that concept we can recognize that there is always change happening but now at an even faster rate and for all of Earth’s lifeforms. Our collective memories are registering and being challenged by the novelty of this global climate crisis.
Ecosynthesis has been used to mean how humans would create an eco niche on another planet. Well, what we are experiencing and will be experiencing is akin to living on another planet.