Communicating developmental theories to a broad audience

Hi all. I recently started a blog dedicated to communicating clearly about a stage development approach to personal growth and self-improvement. As part of this blog, I created a graphic that I hope serves as an overview or big picture that I can display and refer to on more detailed posts.

I could use some feedback on this graphic. It’s a big piece, so any and all feedback is welcome. If digesting the whole thing is overwhelming, you might pick one paragraph, give your thoughts, and leave it at that. I will of course love it if you take in the whole thing, too.…/1_Aokc3XF3CvFXyLy2TyZfkx5W…/view…

Feel free to comment here or on the google doc. Some questions that might help stir up some feedback ideas:

Do you understand what this graphic is trying to do?

How might this model help communicate integral themes and practices to a broad audience?

Does it generally make sense?

What feelings does it evoke in you?

Does it seem like the transitions between life stages make sense? Does anything not make sense?

How so?

Any other places I might reach out to for feedback?

Thanks everyone :slight_smile: !

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