Concentric circles of care: Egocentric to Kosmocentric (and beyond?)


Hello each,

A few questions and contemplations about the Growing Up circles of care (if I’m being correct as to how KW has labelled the representation of these stages? #1)

#2 - as we transcend and include into wider and wider embraces of recognition/identification and care, what is each stage granularly synonymous with (alongside colors within Wilber’s spectrum of consciousness)?


Egocentric: self-identity with egoic/fragmented self alone. (Pre/Red)

Ethnocentric: self-identity expands to include self’s specific, chosen in-group. (Blue/amber)

Worldcentric: circle of care now recognises all humans (orange)

Planetcentric: all life, alongside the earth/Gaia itself recognised and cared for (green)

Kosmocentric: recognises the interconnectedness/evolving nature of all Forms in the known universe(teal - turquoise) #3 - is indigo to clear light included here?

OR could we say teal - violet = Kosmocentric

And ultra-violet to clear light could be labelled
“TRANSCENTRIC”? Transcentric being beyond a separate/contracted self sense. Identification with everything/nothing as Self? Off the ladder so to speak.

#4 What is the most accurate description of “Kosmocentric”?

Thanks all! :grinning: