Consciousness Diagnostic

I’m interested in developing a step-by-step curriculum for the raising of consciousness, to progress through the stages.

In order to demonstrate efficacy, a diagnostic would be needed –

[E.g., Before, I was Green; After I was Teal…]

Is there such a thing?

I thought you all would be the people to ask!

This is the best one I’ve found online that’s free, currently:

We’ve talked about it on the forum before and at one point I was going to develop a test, but then life happened. The one above is pretty good since it gives you a breakdown of your weight toward each of the different worldviews.

This is important, because we need to remember that all these worldviews are valuable in their healthy state, and they are all operating to some extent in our lives. We just tend to have our preference, and that’s what a test like the one above will determine. Context is important with worldviews since you may prefer one worldview over another depending on if you’re interacting with your family, your friends, or a complete stranger.

One caveat with this type of test, of course, is that if someone knows which answers lead to which results, it can sometimes be tempting to pick the answer that is the “best” (since that’s how our brains tend to work), which can skew results. A great deal of honesty and a self-reflecting attitude is necessary to get accuracy. I think the test above has some pretty good questions that help with that, but it’s something to keep in mind in any self-reported psychological exam.

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In case you have an audible subscription the audiobook version of spiral dynamics has a test/diagnostic included as a pdf from the author. Yet, it woud be more about values less about consciouness. Not sure if consciouness just works here as an umbrella term including SD.

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I’ve always wondered what stage of consciousness I’m at! It would be a great resource to develop for sure!

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The syntax and sentence structure are rather poor, making some of the statements difficult to parse. I completed it, but to get the results I have to provide my email to someone governed by the rules of the Russian Federation. That’s not going to happen. But the concept was interesting.

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Russ! I was just notified of your reply somehow. Thank you. It adds up to a synchronicity for me…

Anyway, yes the whole concept of “Consciousness Diagnostic” is slippery and I would take the whole thing with a grain of salt even from the most trusted sources.

I will look at the Spiral Dynamics Test.