Contemplation on Death and Impermanence

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Our dear friend Terry Patten has completed his human journey, and has now passed on from this world. By all accounts Terry made his transition with tremendous grace and courage, guided as he was by his many years of integral and spiritual practice. We miss this man enormously, and feel deeply grateful for his friendship, as well as for the limitless passion, care, and spirit that he brought to the integral movement over the last two decades.

So that Terry’s life and death can continue to be a source of meaning, inspiration, and awakening for us all, we want to release the following meditation to the world. Listen as Terry offers a short guided meditation to help you reduce the existential fear, dread, and anxiety surrounding death, by shifting your attention and identification to the indestructible presence at the very center of your being.

We love you, Terry Patten. Your light will continue to shine in our hearts, in our spirit, and in our practice. Blessings to you, our cherished friend, teacher, and partner.