Cool & warm political-ecology "poemifesto" (help me know what to do with this)

cool & warm political fusion (a politicial-science poemifesto.)

i don’t have to be ____ if you don’t have to be have to be _____. There is safety in advertising yourself, the safety of the oceans of love.

for example, i don’t have to be a democrat if you don’t have to be a republican. i don’t have to be right if you have to be wrong, and i don’t have to be wrong if you don’t have to be right.

the grand surrender.

i don’t have to be male if you don’t have to be female.

if it is different, think, is it safe? if it is safe, should it be banned? If it should be banned, can it be instead controlled safely? It’s about safety, is fundamentally the political issue. If it IS Safe, then what’s important is it be allowed to live and thrive, and helped along the journey, while helping others.

but it’s a little more than that too. i don’t have to be wrong-minded, ever, and it is presumptuous of me to assume that I, no matter who I am, for I am with Sin and NOT Jesus, and so are you, and everyone, so we’re not inherently right, or wrong, or up, or down, you get it?

Although there are Absolute Truths, no concept is an Absolute Truth, even if it rings with brilliance and beauty, because it is the reality that rings and the Absolute Truth just embraces it, like an orbiting bird around a campfire, it is too hot too close, too cold too far, cool and warm.

let’s let our politics be like that.