Course: Build your integral life. Study group

Im Paula. I’m new to Integral Theory and I wanted to start by going through the free course Build your Integral life, an introduction course.
Maybe someone is also interested in doing it and we can go through it together, having a meeting online from time to time to discuss. Maybe we can create a small study group to go through the course. Im sure it is too basic for many in here but maybe there is someone in my situation and I think it can be great for motivation.

Thanks for reading me!

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Hi Paula, although i have gone through it I would like to go through it again, especially with someone else. I am currently free on Sundays, Mondays & Thursdays. You can message me here to discuss times if you like. Welcome to Integral Life!

Hello, Paula and Namal -

I am a long time proponent of Integral Theory and host of several Zoom study groups. Right now I have some extra time and would be pleased to work out a schedule, if you would like another integralist to join you. You can best reach me at this email address:

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Hello Charles,

Very nice to meet you, if Paula responds im up to it.

Hi Paula, Namal, Charles,

I am interested in joining a small study group. If you have already figured out a schedule, please let me know.

Thank you,

Sorry for the delay.
Great, how could we do it? What time zone do you live in? I live in Switzerland. I think Charles has much more experience organizing groups than I do. So if you want I’ll give you the controls Charles.
I guess the first thing would be to say how often we are going to see each other and choose times… what do you think?

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Hi, i am in California (US) so am on the Pacific time zone. Yes, if Charles is willing I am perfectly ok with letting him be the group leader.

I would be happy to host Zoom meetings for our study group. I can meet weekly on Monday afternoons, say at 1:00pm, Pacific time zone, or bi-weekly on Sundays, beginning October 29. It seems these options work for Namal. Not sure about Irina; need to know her location and time zone. Since Switzerland is 9 hours ahead of us, it might be difficult for Paula to join us. Let me know which of these options works for you folks.


Thank you Charles! Both times suit me well. What do you say Irina and Namal?

I can do either day. If you need to reach me by phone you can do so, my number is 949 973 4066.

Charles, Namal, Irina, can we start next Monday, 30th of October?
maybe Charles you can give us some homework, something to read or watch… I am very new to integral theory.

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Sure, we can start on Monday Oct 30.

Ok. Our first meeting will be on Monday, October 30, at 1:00pm Pacific Time. In preparation, I suggest everyone give some thought to what you hope to get from participation in our study group. I will send a Zoom invitation and an agenda for the meeting no later than Sunday.

I look forward to meeting you and to the beginning of our Integral journey.

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I will need your email addresses so I can send you a Zoom invitation. Send them to me at


Here are the stages and the colors that are used as shorthand for them (as I do)

Thanks a lot Namal!
Very nice and illustrative graphic.