Development of meme's over time and it's acceleration

Hi there, I wonder if someone here knows of a research/investigation on the acceleration of the appearance of levels of consciousness.
Taking SD, suggested times of appearance are roughly in years.
200000 1 Beige
70000 2 Purple
10000 3 Red
4600 4 Blue
350 5 Orange
70 6 Green
25 7 Yellow
10 8 Turquoise
5 9 Corale

If I make a graph with years on x-axis in around 2035 it runs into asymptotic behavior, also called as resonance catastrophe in mechanics.

Does anyone here know of such view on this development? If yes please share with me.
Thanks a lot and warm regards

Hi @franko.behrens. I joined here after you did, which is why I did not respond when you first posted this. But this is fascinating! World History is my thing, so I’d love to get into this with you and others.

Dear Robert,
only today I see your response and am grateful for that.
The question still lingers with me.
Seem that no-one else saw my question or had any resonance thereto.
Are you having interest in simmering a bit around this topic? I nort at all consider myself a specialist or detailist here and still the question seem crucial to me.

Thanks and warm regards

Terence McKenna had a theory called Timewave Zero, which extrapolated forward a map tracing the patterns of what he called “novelty” and “habit”, and projected a date for the coming of this catastrophe point (which he called the Transcendental Object at the End of Time) to 21 December 2012, which is why the Mayan Calendar got so popular in recent years.

Robert Anton Wilson, a psychedelic hero who came about 20 years earlier, mapped something he called the “Jumping Jesus Phenomenon”, where he defined an informational unit of one Jesus which represented the amount of information available at 33AD and said that since information was taking less and less time to double (due to what he called the “time-binding” function of language, which causes it to be easier and easier to say something with fewer and fewer words over time as culture developed) such that he could also project a catastrophe some way out from his own period of writing, which he thought would be the fruition of the SMI²LE project, namely, Space Migration, Intelligence Increase, and Life Extension. In this case, he thought, along with Timothy Leary, that humans were basically a larval form and that when we hatched we would become immortal, intellectually advanced space travellers.

I think that this kind of hyper-optimistic extrapolation is just an admission of ignorance. Because we don’t actually have any means to predict what happens after a catastrophe point of this nature, we have to submit to what Terence McKenna also called “the Big Surprise”. It’s a similar thing to the technological singularity.

As far as singularities go, Corey has a good article on them here The Shape of Things to Come: A Singularity in All Four Quadrants – Integral Life