Devolution and descent into madness


I’m a little bewildered by the fact that when running through the posts on integral, not much seems to have changed since the early days of integral naked and integral life.

Namely, mostly bickering, anger, a lack of generosity and humility, and mostly just ugliness. A lot of ugliness.

I’m wondering why this is. It’s been 10 years since posting on here originally and even in that time where we could have been evolving into a gentler, more compassionate and less divisive, blatantly harmful community, it seems to have possibly gotten worse.

I know there are still people who don’t find Wilber’s work as meaningful or profound. There are many who don’t hold him in high esteem whatsoever and in fact see him as a joke and don’t take his work seriously, and it seems many of them come here to bicker as they would on Facebook because unfortunately people here do take things seriously. Words have power, as does negativity.

I would really prefer a less toxic community. I’ve been through so many of them already. I remember in the early days how conversations would turn to arguments quickly with saboteurs and conspiracy theorists and for lack of a better term “haters” would get away with a lot of angry stuff.

I’m a bit sick of it. Have we not yet grown up enough to realize that fighting and negativity and shaming others does nothing to further the growth of Spirit we have as human beings?

It just seems like the internet keeps getting taken over by members who wish to sabotage and destroy. And man oh man, what a bunch of anger. Tons and tons of hostility, judgment, rage and upsetting words and thoughts, deeds and emotions.

Life is hard enough as it is. It can be disturbing to see anger and hatred in it’s most deluded, raw and confused form.

Let’s try to be gentler with each other, here and everywhere. This is advice I’m giving to myself as well. There’s already plenty of fighting, aggression, rage and ugliness for eons to come.

Could we please try and heal and grow, as a human race? We are in a critical situation and urgency is necessary, I’m afraid.

Have a good one guys,