Did Ken Ever Talk About Jiddu Krishnamurti?

I’m very interested in hearing what Ken has to say about Krishnamurti’s talks but haven’t seen him talk about it ever.

Anyone has any links or directions?

Does Ken Wilber have a profile on this site? Maybe @corey-devos can best answer these questions. Does Ken even endorse this community?

I did a brief google search and found this.

A brief perusal of the article blew my mind a bit:

A pronounced relativism is expressed in relation to the ultimate “Level of Mind” envisaged, in which context Wilber states: "Brahman is not a particular experience, level of consciousness, or state of soul - rather it is precisely whatever level you happen to have now."

I’ll have to come back to that idea later when I can ponder it properly.

The footnotes in that web page might help you find more resources on the topic.

Here’s a page where Ken is quoted as responding to someone discussing Krishnamutri:


It seems to infer that Ken recognized the great flaws in trying to “Enlighten” the masses and that something was needed in addition to what Krishnamutri - or more generally Yogis etc. of whatever title. Which makes sense - “Enlightenment” or “Waking Up” is difficult without also Growing up, Cleaning Up and Showing Up.

@raybennett, this is spoken about and explored in the Upanishads as well - I can’t remember which ones - but would definitely recommend them if you’re interested in this.

Yes, That whole area of premodern Yoga is pretty new to me but I can see traces of it in various other philosophies and religions.

In this link:
Is written, on the one hand that “Krishnamurti denied the relevance of a developmental path” (which he did) and on the other hand " In The Spectrum of Consciousness, Ken Wilber extolled Krishnamurti as the incredible man whose discourses had been compared by Aldous Huxley to those of the Buddha"

How does Ken’s “Integral Life”'s developmental approach meets with Krishnamurti’s unambiguous, decisive approach that there is no method what-so-ever and no developmental way for a real transformation in the human psyche (that one might refer to as enlightenment).

@corey-devos maybe you can shed some light on this topic.

Thank you all @excecutive, @raybennett and @Julia248!